Client Testimonials

“Thank you for everything. Thanks for being supportive, patient, knowledgeable, and a complete joy to work with from the beginning of all of this. You’ve made a rough and scary patch of time much easier to face.” S.Z.

This is an UNSOLICITED testimonial for Attorney Thomas Fezzey who is a Bankruptcy attorney.  I am making this recommendation based on myexperience with Tom, and him guiding me through a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy.  I was shocked that I had to go through this procedure.  Tom calmly presented my options.  He spent a lot of time with me before I realized how important this was.  His fee was reasonable, and he was generous with his time.   He was readily available through phone and email! He is one of the most organized people I have ever known.  What impressed me most was the day of court.  I was waiting for my turn and observed many other attorney’s with their clients.  Tom’s demeanor and professionalism was a cut above every other attorney! Finally, he had thorough knowledge of every course of action and what the result of that choice would be.  Thank you Tom!



We absolutely LOVED your kindness, help and your humor. You got us through a major life event for my daughter and son-in-law, in buying their first home. And you made closing an easy event. Thanks again!



Hello Tom!  Wanted to extend a big thank you to you for your work on this deal. Especially your guidance and attention to detail during attorney review–it truly made a difference. The closing was completely seamless.

Thank you!!
K.H. Real Estate Agent – Baird and Warner

I own a real estate brokerage and I’ve worked with many different real estate attorneys. Simply put – Tom is one of the best. I highly recommend Tom for any real estate transaction. Cody Salter, Great Western Properties


Thomas Fezzey is the most honest, straight forward attorney I have ever retained. He cares about the clients concerns and listens very attentively. Client input is a big part of his high level of service. He takes the time to explain legalities in simpler terms. Never tries to impress the client with legal verbiage. In the past when I’ve had to meet with other attorneys, I dreaded those meetings. I have to say, my meetings and phone calls with Mr. Fezzey are welcome. And his charges and fees are so extremely fair! Highly recommend Mr. Thomas Fezzey, Attorney at Law.            ————-Dr Keven Arnold.

“Wow, are we glad we chose Tom Fezzey to be our attorney! Bankruptcy is never fun and can be quite scary and even demeaning! But not with Tom at the helm, he spoke to us as though we were human beings going through a difficult point in our lives, rather than idiots. He gave us sound advice and was just a phone call or email away throughout the process. We have forged a relationship with Tom over the years and even referred several people to him who were in need of an attorney, and not just for bankruptcy but for real estate and wills, etc. We will use him as our real estate attorney as well when we are ready to purchase a home!”


Thanks so much for taking the time with me on such short notice.
It seems that every time I leave your office I have a feeling that everything will be okay.. Thank you for being you!”


“My husband and I had a fantastic experience working with Tom to both sell and buy our homes this past year. Not only is he extremely capable and knowledgeable regarding real estate law, but he was supportive, personable, and positive throughout the entire experience. He was always prepared for meetings, responded quickly to all of our questions and concerns, and was there for us during every step of the process. His honesty and integrity were so appreciated, and we will always recommend his services to others. Thank you, Tom, for your support and professionalism– we are so thankful for you!” – Sean and Marly Ramsey, Geneva, IL

“Thoughts from a Friend
It is my great pleasure to know and consider you my friend. We have known one another for more years than I wish to admit. You have been a teacher, mentor, counselor and most importantly my valued friend. You have always been a positive influence in my life and business dealings. You are a natural leader and genuinely all around great person. Your kindness and generosity is sincerely appreciated. I am a better person simply by having the good fortune of knowing you. I always look forward to seeing you and talking with you. It is with the deepest respect, admiration and sincerity that I have the pleasure of calling you my valued friend.
My Deepest Admiration, Carl…..”

“Dear Tom,
Debbie and I wish to thank you for all of your hard work in our first real estate transaction. You were patient, thoughtful and understanding as you walked us through the real estate process and, as always, had our best interest at heart.”
Sincerely, Joanna

Carol, Lorraine and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for
all the hard work and effort you put into the sale of her condo. We are
grateful to have you represent us. You always do a great job!”
Carol, Carl & Lorraine

Dear Mr. Fezzey,
“Thank you ever so for all your help and professional advise with the purchase of our home………… In spite of some issues that concerned me, you made the purchase for me inspriring and eventful. Thank you! I look forward to a future friendship for your professional services…….”


Dear Tom,
“Thank you so much for all of your assistance buying our home. We really appreciate everything you did and how protective of our interests you were!”

Dave and Kym

“I want to Thank Tom Fezzey for representing me with my bankruptcy and helping me turn my financial hardship into a success. Over the past 3 years I have been receiving offers for high interest credit cards in the mail. I took my time, reviewed all of them and picked the one I thought was best to help me rebuild my credit. I took the advice I received from Tom and only charged on that card what I could pay back every month. I also applied for a car loan and was granted one.  I have made my car monthly payments on time for the past 3 years and have opened up 2 more credit cards. All 3 of my credit cards have little or no balances.

The ending to this story is I am at a credit rating of 698 only 3 years into my bankruptcy 7 year probation period. Bankruptcy may not be for everyone, but if you hire a good attorney like Tom Fezzey, he will advise what are the best options for your personal story and council you on what to do post-bankruptcy.

Thank you Tom for giving me a new beginning, financially, in my life.”

Mike K.

“I want to thank you again, Tom, for all your help. This was one of the better decisions I’ve made in filing, and everything turned out the way you said it would. My credit rating is up to 700 already, which really blew my mind!! And by the way, my friend and co-worker may be needing your help too.”

Greg D.

“I am stating that I am writing this letter of my own volition, without any solicitation from any third parties, including Thomas Fezzey.

I have used the services of Thomas Fezzey as my lawyer, both for the closing of my house as well as my divorce. I have been extremely happy with him and would recommend him whole heartedly for others. In particular, what I have appreciated most about his approach towards his clients is the thorough approach he takes towards them. I’ve found him to be excellent in communicating and describing all the different options available in any situation. He also has a way of presenting a sense of perspective on the reasons behind the opinions that are available. I also found his integrity and honesty to be above reproach, all the time. Because of this, and the information he has always been able to provide me, I have always felt I was able to make the most educated choice, and comfortably, in any situation. I feel I am very lucky top have found him to handle my divorce and do not feel it would have worked out as well with a different lawyer.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further and answer any other questions from anyone considering the services of Thomas Fezzey.”

Wayne S.

“In a world where complaints are heard much more often than praise, I wanted to take time out to express my sincerest gratitude for your legal assistance regarding my car accident in March of 2000, as well as the other times you have assisted my family in the past four years.

Working with an attorney of your caliber is such a pleasure. Your professionalism, attention to detail and personal caring enhances everything that you do. You take time to explain each step of the legal process so a lay person can understand. Your advice is reasonable and in the best interest of the client.

I would be happy to be utilized as a reference any time in the future, as needed. Thank you again for your kindness and assistance.”

Anne-Marie B.


“Thank you! My fear was that this would be a very unpleasant process. Your clear explanations and advice gave me complete confidence in my decisions. It’s really wonderful to have a fresh start.
All the best to you and thanks again.”

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Well over that past 3 years we have not gotten into any extra debt and bought a car this year. Here is the biggest news. On Tuesday we closed on a new house. So if you are talking to clients and they are feeling distraught about going through a bankruptcy you can use our story that if you work hard you can pull yourself out in a lot less time than 7 years!

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